February 22, 2018

Programming & Screenwriting: The Stories That Bind Us

I wanted to write some questions about my experience in these two disciplines and see where and if they intersected. Here are my results so far. When I was 18 I wrote a book of poems. When I was 19 I started my first startup. When I was 21 I wrote my first script, and now at 22 I’m building products I think can make a crucial difference in people’s lives. ... Read more

February 22, 2018

All Dragons Must Be Slain

All dragons must be slain. This is no play on words. From religious symbolism to medieval lore dragons are used to describe the darkest parts of ourselves, the things that keep us up late at night and has a unconscious control over our lives. But slaying the dragon is critical as it is all we should be focused on in life. The process of improving the world I believe starts with ourselves and the battles that rage right under the surface. ... Read more

February 22, 2018

Happiness is a Process Not a Destination

Have you ever read one of those articles on “The secrets to happiness” or “10 tips to finding happiness”? Most of them read as follows: What is happiness to you? Be around people that make you smile. Accept the good things in life! Be open to change. Etc. These tips are good — if not great if you understand what happiness actually is. Happiness isn’t a state of mind. ... Read more

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